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Click And Teach Lessons

Click And Teach (CAT) PowerPoint presentations are fully narrated lessons with embedded videos and animations.  The lessons are automatic, so you can now teach your primary school class without the need for a science education background or tedious preparation.  Key background notes are provided to keep you a step ahead of your students, and there are natural pauses in the presentation for class discussion so you are fully in control of the pace.  Or you could even invite a team of your students to conduct the lesson while you sit back and enjoy the ride and learn about Atomic Theory alongside your class.

As you repeat the lesson with other classes, you will become more independent and confident with the science content and begin to teach with your own voice and authority about this topic, as well as discover links across the curriculum in other sciences,  maths, language and society.

You can download CAT Lessons below, as well as student activity sheets, teacher background notes and answers, and supplementary material to support the lesson.  The links below take you to a Microsoft One Drive page hosting the PowerPoint presentations where you can either (1) click on the “Download” icon at the top right hand corner (recommended) or (2) click the “Start Slide Show” the PowerPoint directly from the Microsoft One Drive location.  You can see your download options here.

Lesson 1:  “Building Blocks”

Lesson 3:  “Atomic Numbers and Symbols”

Lesson 4:  “Make Your Own Element Strip”

Lesson 5:  “Weighing Atoms”

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